1421242630168668Psychotherapy is an explorative process in which the therapist will pay attention to you as whole; body, mind, emotions and behaviour.

This would mean that although you may have a particular issue, which you’d like to work through, other connecting issues would also be explored. In Psychotherapy or counselling, the client’s relationships; with self, parents, partners, friends and with the therapist, are important and will be looked at in depth. This is to help the client to both gain insight and understanding of the self and roots of issues but also to create new choices and options and find practical ways of bringing about change.

Hypnotherapy aims at one particular issue at the time. As it is not exploratory, a course of hypnotherapy would be a few sessions only.

Hypnotherapy can be quite effective in one or two sessions for stop smoking and the effect is often long term, while as for most other issues when hypnotherapy used just on its own, in my view and experience, the effect isn’t long lasting.

I particularly have found relaxation techniques and visualisation stemmed from Hypnotherapy can be very effective when used in conjunction with counselling/psychotherapy.

I look at both therapies as various ways of facilitating change.

If you are in doubt, please feel free to call me to discuss your issue, without any obligation.