1421242630168668Following your enquiry, I usually have a short telephone conversation before arranging an initial appointment, although sometimes this may not be necessary.

The initial appointment will be one hour in which you can discuss your concerns/issues, your needs and expectations. This is also an opportunity for you to get an idea of how I work and for us to decide whether working together would benefit you.

Why Therapy?

Sometimes you may encounter a particular difficulty such as feeling stuck in a relationship or you may have experienced emotional difficulties like anxiety for a number of years. But there are also times when you may feel unsatisfied with life without having a clear sense of what is causing the discontent, insomnia or lethargy.

Needing to work through traumatic experience/s to stop disturbing flashbacks or dealing with overwhelming feelings following a trauma also may be another reason to seek therapy.

Therapy in my view is about creating a safe, trusting and respectful environment in which you can express yourself as freely as possible to explore the roots of your problems. It is an opportunity to gain awareness and insight into patterns of living that may be destructive. This awareness can bring about the possibility of having choices, hence the ability to shift the stuck-ness or repetitive cycles.